Another day in veggie land…

logo_van_goghSo, it was lunch at Claim Jumper…and a snack of rennet-free smoked gouda that I love so much (Van Gogh) .  I’ve been very fortunate in my business (graphic & website design) and recently acquired a Mac laptop to further my work.  All going well, other than my drive on the 5 freeway this morning behind a horrific truck carting chickens to….well, we all know where they were going.  I have to say I always avoid these trucks like the plague, cause they honestly hurt my heart.  I’ll drive in front of them, hoping that the driver can read my bumper exclaiming “If you are what you eat, does that make you dead meat?”.  I am sure I am never taken seriously, and totally ignored, but I do my small part.  If one person being green can save the world, then my stand against eating animals can save lives too.

Oh…don’t doubt me.  My bumper does exclaim that, along with “Go Veg” in the corner.  I am proud of it too!


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