Where to eat lunch in Downtown LA.

McCormick & Schmicks, without a doubt.  I have always loved this restaurant, even when I used to eat fish…and since becoming a veggie they are one of the few restaurants that I can try almost anything on menu with little effort.  On top of that, my favorite waitress is there : Norma.  What a sweetheart.  She knows me by now (eat there enough) and is always helpful with trying new things without meat or just bringing me my favorite – Spicy Seafood Stir Fry without the…you know!mccormick_logo

The bread is always fresh and yummy, and sometimes I find a equally perfect soup to pair with it.  Expensive you might say?  Perhaps.  Be prepared to drop at least $30, but the meal is unequalled and I would pay twice that amount for it.  Trust me.  It’s that good and ask for a Phone Booth.  They are the coolest little rooms, that seat 2-6 people (some are larger than others) and they used to have cool old fashioned princess phones in them.  They took them out, but the atmosphere is still wonderful!

Bon Appetite.


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