Who is Masselyn?

Tiffany4Am I a hard-core vegetarian?  Well, at home I am.  I do eat milk & eggs when I am eating out, when it is highly masked by other ingredients (I have a weakness for sweets, donuts, cakes…you name it).  I don’t drink milk (soy is my preference) and I can not stand eating eggs (no scrambles for me).  I stopped eating cheese all together for the first few years until I found microbial rennet bleu cheese.  As I find more vegetarian safe cheese, I indulge more.  I do not however touch meat, or anything that required the animal to die for it to end up on my plate.  I crave it sometimes, but it is over 11 years since I have actually tasted it.  Thankfully so…cause I think if it came down to actually eating it I wouldn’t even go through with it.

Why this blog?  I want to share my experiences, my turmoils every time I see an Italian Submarine Sandwich, and show others that vegetarians DO eat food.  We don’t starve.  I have managed to make all kinds of great dishes, from scratch and found in magazines, that were way better than anything I used to eat before.  So, pull up a chair and share in my whims.  Maybe you will learn something, maybe you will smile a little, or turn the tides and stop eating meat.  Whatever your reasons, I am glad you have stopped by.


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