It’s cooking time again.

So, for those who don’t know I run a graphic & website design business from my home….while I was still working in technology management for a law firm.  Well, 3 weeks ago I resigned vegetarian_timesfrom my “day” job so that design could take its place.  Very cool.  Very scary.  Very exciting.  What does this mean for me?  Well, more time for my design which I am excited about and super dooper time to go back to cooking and exploring all kinds of vegetarian yummy meals.  I am so thrilled about that, and I dusted off all of my Vegetarian Times magazines (some dating back to 2004 or earlier).  I am sifting through trying to make a book of my fav recipes so I can start cooking again.  Yay.  Maybe I will take pics for ya’ll to see.  Stay tuned….


Gotta love Amy!

When I became a veggie years ago, I figured that was the end of my quick & easy meals.  I did, for the first 2 years, cook all of the time.  It was fun, playing with tofu to come up with Lasagna that was just as tasty as the dairy version.  Then work took over, I started my own graphic/website design business, and I found myself not eating so I could sit in front of my Mac and work.


I don’t think so!  I love to eat, anything…and this was not going to work.  So, I searched through markets and found Amy.  WOW! Her meals are the best, have all kinds of good stuff….and I can find vegan varieties that are damn tasty too.  Check out my latest favorite, her black beans and brown rice.  Yummmmmm.  I mean that.  This coming from someone who is very picky with eating, even though it appears to all my friends that I never stop eating.  Don’t fear, I eat tons but don’t weigh the same.  I think it will catch up with me when I hit 40, but damn I have years before then and I will continue to live, love food…and rely on my metabolism.  Go go go…..

Another day in veggie land…

logo_van_goghSo, it was lunch at Claim Jumper…and a snack of rennet-free smoked gouda that I love so much (Van Gogh) .  I’ve been very fortunate in my business (graphic & website design) and recently acquired a Mac laptop to further my work.  All going well, other than my drive on the 5 freeway this morning behind a horrific truck carting chickens to….well, we all know where they were going.  I have to say I always avoid these trucks like the plague, cause they honestly hurt my heart.  I’ll drive in front of them, hoping that the driver can read my bumper exclaiming “If you are what you eat, does that make you dead meat?”.  I am sure I am never taken seriously, and totally ignored, but I do my small part.  If one person being green can save the world, then my stand against eating animals can save lives too.

Oh…don’t doubt me.  My bumper does exclaim that, along with “Go Veg” in the corner.  I am proud of it too!

Claim Jumper Does it Again!

Okay, it was one of those BAD Mondays that we all know and love…so mom and I decided we were going to head to Claim Jumper for dinner.  Mind you, as previously stated, they were on my “poo” list because of their redacting of my veggie soup I love.  Well, low and behold…they brought it back.

Yippeee!  Can you believe it?  I have not had such a yummy, hearty bowl of soup in my life.  I top it with a large humungo (it is a word) baked sweet potato…and I am in heaven.  Sorta.  I was bummed to find that even though they brought it back…and DON’T take it away again…they removed the veggie kabobs that I started liking.

Wahhhhh!  Why can’t they ever get it right!??!!

Yogurt is good for you…

Nancy's Yogurt

I’m not a big fan of dairy, and don’t buy milk anymore for my home (Soy is way better for you).  I haven’t gotten a taste for soy yogurt yet.  Mostly that is because one of my favorites is Nancy’s Nonfat with Real Fruit.  This is about the best damn yogurt I have ever tried.  I can’t stand the nonfat part, cause it tastes like sour cream….but fold in some of that yummy fruit sweetened with honey and WHAM it becomes the best healthy treat I know.  I, unfortunately, can only find it at one location – Famima in downtown LA where I work.  So odd!!!  I have tried numerous Whole Food markets to no avail.  Ah, well.  At least I know where to get my fix.  Try it, you might like it Mikey.

My (1) gripe is where oh where is the Raspberry flavor??  I would love to try it.