Yogurt is good for you…

Nancy's Yogurt

I’m not a big fan of dairy, and don’t buy milk anymore for my home (Soy is way better for you).  I haven’t gotten a taste for soy yogurt yet.  Mostly that is because one of my favorites is Nancy’s Nonfat with Real Fruit.  This is about the best damn yogurt I have ever tried.  I can’t stand the nonfat part, cause it tastes like sour cream….but fold in some of that yummy fruit sweetened with honey and WHAM it becomes the best healthy treat I know.  I, unfortunately, can only find it at one location – Famima in downtown LA where I work.  So odd!!!  I have tried numerous Whole Food markets to no avail.  Ah, well.  At least I know where to get my fix.  Try it, you might like it Mikey.

My (1) gripe is where oh where is the Raspberry flavor??  I would love to try it.


Go Go Jamba…

My new favorite, and terribly healthy breakfast, is Jamba Juice’s Steel Cut Oats.  Okay, I had to laugh when Starbucks first unveiled their oatmeal (notice I am using lowercase).  I thought it deserved a chuckle that I would pay them over $2 for a package of oatmeal, when I could get a whole box of the same stuff at the market for a little more (unless there was a sale going on).  So, I had a coupon to try it for free….and that was the last time I have ever eaten it.

Enter Jamba Juice.  Whoa!  This stuff is good.  If you ever try to cook Steel Cut Oats, providing you are not hungry and have 30+ minutes to devote to it, you know that they are the best tasting but take way too long to cook.  So, I run by my local JJ before heading to work and they do all of the work for me.  Plus the fruit they put on top is SOOOOO good.  Thumbs up!  Toes up!!  Can you tell I love it?

Anyway, head out to your local Jamba Juice  and try it.  Oh, and it is made with Soymilk which gets a heads up from me.  No dairy.  Even better! Moo!