Gotta love Amy!

When I became a veggie years ago, I figured that was the end of my quick & easy meals.  I did, for the first 2 years, cook all of the time.  It was fun, playing with tofu to come up with Lasagna that was just as tasty as the dairy version.  Then work took over, I started my own graphic/website design business, and I found myself not eating so I could sit in front of my Mac and work.


I don’t think so!  I love to eat, anything…and this was not going to work.  So, I searched through markets and found Amy.  WOW! Her meals are the best, have all kinds of good stuff….and I can find vegan varieties that are damn tasty too.  Check out my latest favorite, her black beans and brown rice.  Yummmmmm.  I mean that.  This coming from someone who is very picky with eating, even though it appears to all my friends that I never stop eating.  Don’t fear, I eat tons but don’t weigh the same.  I think it will catch up with me when I hit 40, but damn I have years before then and I will continue to live, love food…and rely on my metabolism.  Go go go…..