Yogurt is good for you…

Nancy's Yogurt

I’m not a big fan of dairy, and don’t buy milk anymore for my home (Soy is way better for you).  I haven’t gotten a taste for soy yogurt yet.  Mostly that is because one of my favorites is Nancy’s Nonfat with Real Fruit.  This is about the best damn yogurt I have ever tried.  I can’t stand the nonfat part, cause it tastes like sour cream….but fold in some of that yummy fruit sweetened with honey and WHAM it becomes the best healthy treat I know.  I, unfortunately, can only find it at one location – Famima in downtown LA where I work.  So odd!!!  I have tried numerous Whole Food markets to no avail.  Ah, well.  At least I know where to get my fix.  Try it, you might like it Mikey.

My (1) gripe is where oh where is the Raspberry flavor??  I would love to try it.